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Our orders to the Offshore Industry has increased considerably during the past 7 years.

Our present production for the offshore industry includes dynamic bend stiffeners, static bend stiffeners, bend restrictors and cable and flow line protection.


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We solve your needs in polyurethane

We are the leading Scandinavian manufacturer in terms of hot casting and sprayed products in Polyurethane and have long experience as trouble-shooter and supplier for the industry.


Custom-made solutions in Polyurethane are our standard. It is your requirements and needs that are decisive for the design and function of the final product

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UW-Elast AB will exhibit at Offshore Technology Days in Bergen 15-16 October. You will meet us in hall A, stand 2011.
Offshore business is hot.
ONS 2014 in Stavanger was again, a great sucess with record-breaking 2500 exhibitors and over 91 000 visitors.

Polyurethane - Production methods

  • Hot casting

    Die-Casting, even known as Hot-Casting is perhaps the most known method for making details in polyurethane.

  • Ribbon-Flow

    Ribbon-Flow is the technology used for roll coating for rolls in major dimensions - fast and rational. Polyurethane which gives longer durability. .

  • Injection moulding

    Injection moulding of polyurethane works the way that a fixed raw material is melted under high pressure and rapidly injected into a mould.

  • Spray

    When spraying, the polyurethane is applied by spraying an aerosol mist onto a detail, which creates a long lasting coating.


UW-ELAST AB has been active in the polyurethane industry for almost 40 years. Today, our 50 employees produce more than 300 tonnes of polyurethane products annually.

The offshore industry and companies operating in the marine sector are amongst our regular customers. Consequently, we are closely involved with specially engineered materials for use in tough, humid conditions. Slitan®, our in-house developed polyurethane, meets severe requirements in respect of hydrolysis resistance, wear and operational durability. Our new production facility for very large parts makes us easily the most important polyurethane manufacturer in Scandinavia.

UW-ELAST AB co-operates with partners in the rubber industry that have experience in roll coating with rubber.